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Rising stars study in the International State University
author: Stella-Duare | 30-06-2010, 13:23 |   
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«The dear newspaper"Word". We have arrived from Moscow to Odessa to the friends to meet New year. On eyes your newspaper which is written out by our friends has got. The newspaper very necessary and interesting, and at us the interest to your newspaper. At the International state university of a city of Odessa on a third year singer Stella-Duare studies, unfortunately, we do not know a real name. In Moscow its voice can be heard on many radio stations, and here very few people knows it, and on its site there is not enough information. We very much would wish to learn about the singer more. In advance thanks.

Yours faithfully, Romanov's family»

Dianna Naselevets,
Anatoliy Berladin,
Students ISU 

We managed to find for the young singer. Stella really studies in the International state university, on 3 course of faculty of jurisprudence.

— How long you are engaged in a vocal?


— By a vocal I am taken since six years. I have ended a children's drama school № 1 where, thanks to the teacher on a vocal to Irina Nikolayevna Kaplya, the first steps of my long creative way have begun.

Some years ago I have got acquainted with composer Herman Levchenko who is the author of the majority of songs in my execution. Sometimes I write texts of songs itself when there is an inspiration (that happens extremely seldom).


— To what you aspire?


—   I adhere to east wisdom which says: «the Past already is not present, the future can not be. Live the present». Therefore I live, today and now. To what I aspire? First, to perfection in creativity. Secondly, to end university.


— Whether on much you are ready for the sake of glory? Whether can, how speak, to go on heads?


—   I am engaged in the favorite business and I try to do it well. And if someone likes my creativity, I am happy. There is a stimulus to be improved. To be the professional it is necessary to work, without reflecting

About glory. On heads did not go and, I hope, I will not go. First of all, I respect myself. Really it is possible to be happy, knowing, what the result of your work has been reached by unfair means, knowing, what you have caused someone a pain?! For me it is very important to remain fair before by itself. Perhaps, therefore my career very heavy and long.


—   Whether there is at you a hobby?


— I like to travel.

— Whether there is an idol? An example for imitation?


—   One of precepts says: « do not create to itself an idol». As to «an example for imitation» I consider that everyone is unique in the individuality.


— Whether about what you dream in the childhood?


— The first line from a song which I have written at once has emerged: «I since childhood dreamt to be the actress...». By the way, now I work over this song, and in the near future it leaves in English.


— How you think, whether easily to pick up star fever? Know people with such diagnosis?


I consider that "star fever" is easy for picking up to the one who was anybody in the evening, and have woken up the popular person, and for this purpose have not put any efforts. To these people, popularity turns a head, and they cannot supervise the emotions any more.


— Whether freely your heart?


— Everything, as to my private life, I prefer not to make comments. On that it and private life.


— With who would like to sing a duet?


— In 2008 I was at concert Garou. With this singer I dream to work and as result of teamwork, to sing a duet. Garou concerns those rare actors who sing soul, give all itself to listeners who inspire and at them is to that to learn. I hope, my dream will come true.


— What do you love more, to spend time in studios or live performances?


– I like to work in studio, but I love live concerts more.


 To what music listen?


—   As Michael Jackson «has told... Be the best that you do. Learn about the kind of activity more than someone from the living...», therefore I listen to different music and if something is pleasant to me, I add to myself to the arsenal. And so I allocate Tina Turner, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston...


— Why Stella-Duare?


— Stella - my real name and creative pseudonym Duare has appeared from an easy hand of my mum.

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