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Stella-Duare: "I dream of singing with Garou"
author: Stella-Duare | 30-06-2010, 19:43 |   
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Stella Duare was born in Arkhangelsk. When she was five years old, her family moved to Odessa. Here the talented girl was noticed by the head of "Hit-Parade of Odessa" Valery Zabenkin and he suggested her to participate in the program. But the girl always dreamt of solo career. And right now, thanks to the composer and arranger Herman Levchenko known also as dj LATINOSS, and one of the largest recording companies — JRC, her dream came true! 



Her songs has profound meaning, that is not typical for most young stars of our pop art. Stella Duare in her twenty she wonmany vocal contest where she proved that "musical Odessa" would never stop singing...

Julia Litvin 


—    When did you start singing?

—    I started singing, when I was 6 years old. That time I studied in Children's Drama School №1 of Odessa, my first vocal teacher - Irina Nikolaevna Kaplya.




—    Do you remember the first song that you sang there?

—    I remember (smiles). About the cat named Vaska. There was a separate story with this song. As a child I could not pronounce the letter "r". And this song has the line "My little kitten, intelligent and fluffy. It is red, red, red...". And than, when I heard it in the record, I went to a speech therapist and in three days I learnt to pronounce the letter "r".


—    Are you stubborn girl, huh?

—    It is not the word. If I set a goal, I try to reach it.


—    And what goals have you achieved? 

—    First, I graduated with honors from Drama School, graduated from high school with a gold medal, always wanted to go to law school and I did it too. And the main goal, that will be carried thoughout my life - is creative work because I cannot imagine my life without music.


—    How to combine a strict legal science with creativity? 

—    Creativity - it is my life. And the law - is knowledge of laws, rights, freedoms and responsibilities for life. Especially in my case - dealing with contracts, copyrights.


—      By the way, this is very important in the modern show business. And who writes you your songs?

—     The author of most songs that I sing is Herman Levchenko. Sometimes I write lyrics myself, but it happens very rarely. Currently I'm working on a song, the lyrics are written by myself.


—    And what do you write more about? Love? 

—    Yes, about love, about life. There is a song about my daddy.


—    Usually they write more about mothers ... 

—    There is an exception to the rule.


—    There is a chil's song: "And about daddy before this song ... there was no single song"... 

—     Yes, I too decided to fight this injustice.


—      What are your plans? What will you do?
How will you conquer the Ukrainians, and eventually the whole world?

—     I do not have a producer, and it brings me some difficulties. But I can say for sure that I will not stop halfway.


—    Do you often criticize yourself? 

—    Yes, I criticize myself, so that to improve my skills in the future. And also listen to the opinion of the audience and other people. And criticism, and good reviews I accept adequately.


—    Whose criticism is the most difficult to endure? 

—    My mother's criticism.


—    And does she often criticize you? 

—    Always.


—    Do you think criticism is good? In what, thanks to mom, you became better? 

—    I refer my mother's criticism to the "criticism of the good", no one but her says the truth. I can admit with pride that thanks to my mother, I achieved a lot! Thanks to her, I have a strong stubborn nature. And I consider her opinion in the first place.


—     You certainly went to various contests... 

—    I was in Hungary, and Bulgaria, Russia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine. I am a winner of many contests.

—    What was result of it? 

—     Every competition brought me experience and opportunity to communicate with interesting people, professionals. One of such persons is known Moldovan composer Anatoly Roscovan, with whom I met in Lithuania (Kaunas) on the contest. He gave me a song. And I had a great opportunity to record it in his studio. I got a lot of fun, working with him. This man is not only talented, but is very attentive towards his work. Unfortunately, our creative alliance last not long, as he is no longer with us. But I am grateful to God that I was familiar with such a man.


—       Whose recognition was the most important for you? 

—       Recording company JRC.


—      And on contests? 

—    Yuri Verezhnikov! We met at the competition in St. Petersburg. He is composer, works in Moscow. He invited me to participate in a gala concert at the Philharmonic Hall of Tchaikovsky, where I performed with great pleasure.


—    Tell me what was that gala concert? Who else but you, did there perform? 

—    It was a television shooting, that was broadcast on Russian television, and winners of various contests performed there.


—     And have you met any pop-stars?

—     I don't know anyone closely! But I have a dream to work with Garou to sing with him.


—     When do you plan to record a disc and where? What part of the songs are already recorded? 

—     Material for the disc was recorded fully, and now a disc design is in development, advertise in Germany. We wait for release of the album in spring, but how it will be, only God knows.


—     How many songs were included on the disc? What will be the name of the album? 

—     Twelve songs. Lyrics for three of songs were written by me. What will be the name, do not know yet, because this right belongs to the German sound-recording company.


—      Why does it record in Germany?

—     They proposed it themselves. Found me, thanks to the recording company JRC.


—    We wish you success and want to hear your CD as soon as possible. Keep us informed, please. 

—    Surely. All the news I will write on my website:, and readers of your magazine will be notified about everything what happens to me, first of all!



Stella Duare was born in Arkhangelsk. When she was five years old, her family moved to Odessa. Here the talented girl was noticed by the head of Odessa "Charts" Valery Zabenkin and he suggested her to participate in the program. But the girl always dreamt of solo career. And right now, thanks to the composer and arranger Herman Levchenko known also as dj LATINOSS, and one of the largest recording companies — JRC, her dream came true!

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