The general rules on a site

The general rules of behaviour on a site:

Let's begin with that on a site hundreds the people, different religions and sights communicate, and all of them are full visitors of our site, therefore if we want that this community of people functioned to us and rules are necessary. We urgently recommend to read the present rules, it will occupy from you all minutes five, but will save up to us and you time and will help to make a site more interesting and organised.

Let's begin with that on our site it is necessary to behave validly to all visitors of a site. It is not necessary insults in relation to participants, always superfluous. If there are claims - address to Administrators or Moderators (take advantage of personal messages). The insult of other visitors is considered at us one of the heaviest infringements and is strictly punished by administration. At us racism, religious and political statements is strictly forbidden. In advance we thank you for understanding and for desire to make our site more polite and friendly.

On a site it is strictly forbidden:

- The messages which are not concerning the maintenance article or to a context of discussion
- The insult and threats to visitors of a site
- In comments the expressions containing not standard lexicon, humiliating the human advantage, kindling the international conflict are forbidden
- Spam, and also advertising of any goods and services, other resources, mass-media or the events which are not concerning a context discussion of article

Let's respect each other and a site on which you and other readers come to communicate and come up with the ideas. The site administration reserves the right to itself to delete comments or a part of comments if they do not correspond to the given requirements.

At infringement of rules to you can be given prevention. Can be in certain cases given bann without preventions. Concerning removal bann to write to the administrator.

The Insult of managers or moderators also are punished bann - respect another's work.

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